Posted by: sociopastoral | February 9, 2010

San Carlos Seminarians’ Exposure at SHEC

SHEC (Saint Hannibal Empowerment Center), Malibay, Pasay

Founded by the Rogationists, the SHEC aims to empower the poorest of the poor in collaboration with the local Church by addressing issues housing, livelihood, education, health, environment and sanitation, justice and peace, youth formation and values formation. Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, Executive Director and Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ together with some leaders welcomed the seminarians in the communities they are organizing. The seminarians witnessed the different programs, as well as the housing projects for the people they are now enjoying and taking care of.  At the end of the visits around the areas, Fr. Orville gave them a short input on the Third Look at Jesus by the late Fr. Carlos Abesamis, SJ to contextualize the work of the church with the poorest of the poor.

After this final exposure, the seminarians headed back to the seminary for the processing of their experiences, insights and feelings of the whole week.


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